A sales and marketing specialist, David has impressive business development credentials and considerable expertise in wireless, internet, technology, service and manufacturing organisations.

  • At a major telco increased revenue per user by 17%.
  • For the same company negotiated critical business partnerships.
  • Rebranded the business and increased its customer base by 10% in six months.
  • In a critical public sector organisation provided a strategic development plan following analysis of the internal and external environment including stakeholders and customers.
  • Recommendations for this not for profit operation resulted in multimillion-pound operational savings and customer service improvements.
  • While sales and marketing director of Crosland UK, delivered year-on-year 50% profit growth.
  • Initiated the company's exports to EMEA and signed distributor partnerships.
  • At Donovan Cobb Plc developed and implemented process systems which took revenue from £500,000 to over £5 million.
  • Led the de-merger of the Design Clinic and oversaw a sales and marketing strategy which made the business less dependent on sales from its parent, Virgin Group.
  • Expanded Speedo's sales beyond the summer seasonal markets.
  • Launched Event Sportswear - growing sales from zero to £1.5 million plus per annum.

David has an MBA