Richard S is an IT/management professional whose focus is enhancing the performance of a company’s processes, products and services by eliminating waste and developing more efficient business systems. His core skills include relationship management, communication and influencing, alongside strategic awareness and execution.

A member of the Institute of Management Consulting, Richard carries a Prince 2 foundation certificate and is able to communicate in Spanish and English. Some notable achievements in Richard’s career history include:

  • As Project Manager at Bravura Solutions Ltd, moving 180 servers from one data server to another and managing the implementation of a new active directory infrastructure.
  • Whilst at Bravura Solutions Ltd, monitoring the financial aspects of each project and work request to ensure the expenditure of labour and materials was controlled in the plan.
  • Working as Technical Project Manager with Xafinity (EDS), project managed the implementation of a new Active Directory environment and the migration of a number of Novell 4.11 FAP servers and oversaw the rollout of approximately 1,000 new desktops to Xafinity HQ and remote offices.
  • At NHS Shared Business Services, as Senior IT Consultant, project managed the installation and testing of relevant software for financial migration for 14 NHS organisations.