Part-Time Financial Controllers and Finance Directors

Executives Online offers the perfect solution for firms that need a great Finance Director – but don’t require their services full time. Our global talent bank contains thousands of Financial Controllers and Finance Directors who serve several firms simultaneously, whether it be to address short-term needs or in permanent part-time CFO roles.

Smaller firms are in as much need of high-calibre Financial Controllers and Finance Directors as larger ones, but they lack the resources and volume of work to fill a full-time role. Executives Online makes it possible to fill this need. Our Finance Managers have proven track-records, working in some of the most crucial financial roles. For instance they have:

  • Nurtured SMEs
  • Dealt with private equity providers and venture capital firms
  • Strengthened finance teams at critical times
  • Supported management buyouts, buy-ins, and flotations
  • Overseen multi-million pound mergers and acquisitions
  • Managed major corporate turnarounds

Send us your brief and Executives Online will select for you a short list of Finance Managers with direct and relevant experience to your industry, company size and business priorities, and having a good cultural fit with your team.

Whether you are looking for an interim part-time Finance Director, or need to fill a permanent part-time Financial Controller role, there are a number of reasons why you should call Executives Online.