Internet Marketing Consultants and Media Consultants

Internet Marketing

  • Does your organisation need to make a more serious effort to market via the internet?
  • Do you need to make a major upgrade to your online marketing efforts?
  • To develop new interactive marketing programmes?
  • Better utilise e-mail marketing?
  • Test advertising on online media?
  • Explore the possibilities of search engine marketing and search engine optimisation?

While the web is of growing importance to a vast array of businesses, marketing on the web is a specialised and highly technical pursuit. It's also one that, for many companies, requires a periodic rather than a sustained effort. In such cases an Interim Internet Marketing Manager is an excellent choice. They can come into your organisation, quickly assess what interactive marketing techniques are appropriate for your situation, develop an internet marketing plan, and execute that plan, harnessing whatever vendors are appropriate. Then, once the difficult work of developing and launching your programmes is done, you are not saddled with having an under-utilised internet marketing expert on staff.

Media Consultants

  • Do you need to execute a major advertising campaign and need help either identifying the appropriate media or evaluating your advertising agency's media recommendations?

We can have an Interim Media Specialist on your staff in days to help you design, execute and evaluate your media strategy. And since they're an interim, the commitment is short term. Once the work for your media campaign is over, so too is the interim assignment.