Public Relations Consultants and Events Managers

Public Relations Consultants

Public relations is a powerful marketing approach, but it is one that operates in a dramatically different fashion than regular marketing channels. Consequently, there are many situations in which firms need public relations help.

If your organisation has never seriously employed public relations as a marketing technique, we can provide you with an Interim Marketing Manager with in-depth experience in public relations management and in your industry. This Interim Manager can kick-start your public relations programme, helping you to engage the public relations resources you need, and training your marketing staff in their use.

In other cases, your organisation may have been using public relations for a long time, but the programme may no longer be performing at its optimal levels. One of our interim public relations experts to tackle this situation, identifying the weaknesses and missed opportunities in your PR programme, and applying immediate hands-on muscle to get your public relations programme back on track.

Event Marketing Consultants

For many businesses, event marketing is a powerful promotional tool. Unfortunately, it is also one that produces serious staffing issues. For most organisations only a few events a year are important. And even in industries where there are many events, usually a handful of these are much bigger and more important than others.

To handle these major events, a company's marketing staff is often stretched too thin. For big events it is typical for companies to lack both event-marketing expertise to design and manage the event, and the manpower to execute the event.

Interim event marketing consulting is the solution.

Our Interim Event Marketing Consultants can initiate or sustain your marketing events, bringing expert knowledge of your industry and of events management. And, like any freelance Marketing Manager, they can be applied to a particular event or season, without the need for an ongoing employment commitment.