Strategic Marketing Consultants and Marketing Planning Specialists

Strategic Marketing

Most businesses experience key points in their lives where a major change in business strategy is needed to respond to changes in the marketplace, driven by changes in technology, competitive actions, customer needs or underlying costs. Such changes are difficult and fraught with risk, but doing nothing consigns the business to stagnation and eventual irrelevancy.

At these key points the help of a highly experienced Interim Marketing Executive is of great benefit. They've successfully guided other organisations through strategic marketing changes. They know how to assess the business situation and develop a strategic plan of action for addressing it.

Our global talent bank contains executives with strategic marketing experience in all business sectors and industries. We can identify the right person to help your company with its strategic marketing decisions much faster than using traditional executive headhunters.

Marketing Planning

  • Does proper planning of your firm's marketing programmes seem perpetually out of reach?
  • Are your programmes plagued by a sense of chaos?
  • Are marketing budgets creeping out of control?

If so, an Interim Marketing Planning Consultant is the solution.

Our Interim Marketing Consultants have extensive experience in developing, maintaining and executing marketing plans. With their years of experience in marketing planning and in marketing in your industry, they can establish a marketing planning discipline for your organisation and train your staff to maintain that discipline. And once your marketing planning programme is in order, they're done. You have no continuing employment commitment.