Transport Management Recruitment

Executives Online is a fast-track provider of top managers and consultants in the transport sector.

We provide senior managers with extensive experience in this specialised sector for permanent positions, projects, change programmes, or interim assignments.

And we supply them much faster than traditional executive headhunters do.

Our Global Talent Bank

We can deliver on this promise because our global talent bank includes hundreds of transport experts who have worked on some of the most challenging transport-related projects. Some of the areas where their support could be invaluable:


The UK is the manufacturing base for several leading volume vehicle manufacturers and many top tier suppliers, plus a raft of leading automotive design firms. The automotive industry is a leader in many areas of manufacturing, procurement, product development and logistics.

Issues facing this sector include over-production, tightening margins, rising oil prices and climate change. In response, business improvement projects, supply chain streamlining and Six Sigma are some of the many projects and change programmes that must be resourced.

Automotive component suppliers are embarking on major change, with their number expected to decrease tenfold by 2010. Mergers and acquisitions will deliver much of this rationalisation which in turn will create huge restructuring challenges for the companies involved.

First-tier automotive suppliers are reinventing themselves as strategic partners – this is altering profoundly the working relationship they have with manufacturers, who in turn are increasingly becoming assemblers.

Public Transport

Companies involved in public transport feature heavily in the regulators' and the public's eye as well as the media. They are grappling with some of the most complex programmes ranging from major capital investment projects, health and safety initiatives and mission-critical CRM programmes through to cost-base restructuring.

With price rises fiercely scrutinised, they cannot be seen to be wasting money. Their hard-hit shareholders expect the head count to be kept to a minimum – yet they are handling intricate projects that must run to time and budget.

We can provide experienced, handpicked, hands-on transport specialists who have delivered complex projects in the transport sector. They can be recruited quickly on an interim or permanent basis. This means project teams can be flexed up and down as and when required – with key skills introduced exactly when they are needed. You keep costs and head count down, and performance up.